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Tarlokk can’t bend Amon’s blood because there is a particular blood type that can’t be bended. well I know that was a stupid theory, but oh well :))))

Legend of Korra mistake


I don’t know if anybody else realized this but remember, during the second season of Avatar the Last airbender we learn that Aang is having difficulties mastering Earthbending because earth and air are opposite, witch means that fire and water are opposite too. But in the legend of Korra, Korra is a waterbender and as trouble learning airbending, that doesn’t make sens… We even see her mastering firebending in the first episode… Seriously WTF??? O.o

well, in korra being the avatar, it is patience that she is lacking which is a pivot for aibending. It’s not only because water and fire are opposite, character and personality are also what makes avatar korra having hard time mastering airbending.

"So, what do you think Korra? Bolin’s got some move huh."

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"You guys were incredible out there! Especially you MR. HAT TRICK!"

Korra: Katara agreed with me that I should come, she said my destiny is in Republic City.

Tenzin: don’t bring my mother into this!!!

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